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AHS01IA absolute humidity sensor
Technical parameter

Supply voltage(V) 5
Operating range (°C) -5~200
Sampleling rate (ms) 500~1000
Typical accuracy (% RH) ± 100
Output characteristic 1000 ± 100(+40℃,35g/m³)
Interface  I²C

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1.  product overview;

AHS01IA is an ultra-high-response, high-temperature, high-precision, fully calibrated water vapor sensor. The modern production process ensures high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor includes a humidity sensing sensor connected to a high performance integrated 24-bit AD acquisition CMOS microprocessor. The high integration of the whole machine is very suitable for high-quality, large-scale production requirements, and is an good choice for users, which is convenient for OEM applications of cooperative manufacturers. AHS01IA operates is at 3.3V. This device provides low cost and low power consumption for a variety of common applications. The water vapor sensor is factory calibrated in a high-precision constant temperature and humidity chamber to directly output the detected ambient humidity. The real value, the user does not need to perform secondary processing of the signal, can obtain accurate humidity information, reduce the user's cost, and facilitate the secondary exploitation of the user.

2. Application range

Humidity control of microwave oven, moisture detection of drying machine, intelligent control of oven, industrial measurement, air conditioning and humidity control, physical and chemical equipment, steam bath and so on.

3. product Feature;

● Factory fully calibrated
● I2C digital interface communication
● Low power consumption: 30mW (typical)
● Zero drift
● High temperature and high humidity environment
● Long life
● High pollution resistance
● Low hysteresis error