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ASAIR Chips Shine in CITE 2019

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The 7th China Information Technology Expo (CITE2019) was grandly opened in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 9,2019. The exhibition focused on the theme of innovation drives development, smart empowers future, and opened eight major thematic exhibition areas such as digital home, smart city, new display, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, car networking, Internet of things, and integrated circuits. The achievements of innovation and development in the field of information technology shows the latest intelligent development trend. Guangzhou Aosong Electronics Co., Ltd.(ASAIR) is located in the Guangzhou Pavilion 1 and number 1C200 in Hall.


Guangzhou Theme Pavilion

 ASAIR presented various chips product such as the wafers with the size of 3 inches, six inches and 8 inches, which shows the core capability of the entire production chain from chip design, chip manufacturing, chip packaging and testing. 

ASAIR Wafer products

As an integrated Device Manufacturing, ASAIR provides the one-stop solutions for the customers and has become the leader in the sense industry. With the advent of the Internet of Things era, sensors have received more and more attention. In this exhibition, many visitors come to our booth to recognize the products and make a lot of technology and business exchanges with us.


Many visitors in ASAIR booth

ASAIR received high attention from the media during the exhibition. The CCTV channel interviewed ASAIR on sensor themes as a prosperous national brand. On the afternoon of April 10th, Wu Shengwu, the deputy director of the Electronics Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Chen Wenhai, secretary general of the China Electronic Information Expo Organizing Committee, visited the Guangzhou Pavilion. ASAIR Introduced the development of the sensor field to the leaders.

ASAIR provides global customers with temperature and humidity sensors, gas sensors, flow sensor and absolute humidity sensors based on the leading technology, experienced R&D team and one-on-one technical services. Besides,  ASAIR people would like to make more creative products contributing to peoples better life!